Courses & Camps


Residential & Day Courses in  Outdoor Education are available through out the year.

Residential visits can incorporate Outdoor Activity based learning and also your own programme.  We design each residential specifically to each group to ensure you get the most from your visit. Duration is up to your group as we price according to the length of time you wish to stay on site.  Camp Outs and Yacht Trips can be incorporated into your residentials. Give us a call and we can quickly draw up a programme for your group.

Check out our Day Tour Prices – STARTING AT £10 per person

Schools & Youth Groups

  • BTec Adventure Qualification (DEL Section of Curriculum)
  • GCSE Orienteering KS3, KS4 (DEL Section of Curriculum)
  • Transition Year Residentials (ECA Certificate of Achievement)
  • Transition Year Team Building (ECA Certificate of Achievement)
  • Junior & Senior Cycle
  • Camping Trips
  • Orienteering & Trekking as part of your curriculum
  • Autism Specific Day & Residential Visits
  • Team Building
  • Confidence & Motivation specific programmes

Royal Yachting Association

  • RYA Power Boat (RYA Certificate)
  • RYA Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) (RYA Certificate)


British Canoe Union

  • Paddle Power Certificate (BCU Certificate)
  • Cross Stream Challenge (BCU Certificate)
  • Paddle Power & Cross Stream Challenge are elements that can be incorporated into any residential visit or day programme.  They are specifically designed for groups who wish to include confidence & motivation or Personal Achievement into their programme.

East Coast Adventure Certificates of Achievement

  • Team Building
  • Confident & Motivation
  • Beat the Cyber Bully
  • Residential Courses
  • Day Courses in Team Building & Outdoor Learning
  • Adventure Day Visits

Youth Camps 

  • East Coast Adventure Youth Camps are designed for individual young people from the age of 7 years upwards.  They are designed to encourage self confidence and motivation. We have been successfully running these youth camps for over 12 years and they are highly recommended by parents to help young people gain confidence and make new friendships.
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