Equality and Accessibility


East Coast Adventure is committed to pursuing non-discriminatory policies and practices providing an environment in which there is equality of opportunity for all. We recognise our role in creating a climate that supports equality, diversity, and opportunity and is opposed to any form of discrimination. We have an open-door policy and meet all equality legislation. Our overall project for business development incorporating the development of our website, in addition, falls into the promotion of the Rural Needs Act (NI) and encourages activity in rural areas particularly when our base is in Newry, Mourne and Down District. Our website will meet the needs of the S75 groups (NI Act 1998) and will be accessed by individuals with disabilities e.g. through ease of use, inquiry options, language variations. We operate an equal access policy and endeavour to provide opportunities to all who participate in our Experiences, work with us in any capacity, regardless of learning difficulties, disabilities, social, gender, cultural, racial, linguistic, or religious differences. We understand that the definition of disability is broad and includes a diverse range of people that may be substantially affected by their disability in one of the following ways: *Mobility *Physical co-ordination *Manual dexterity *Confidence *Ability to lift, carry, or otherwise move everyday objects *Speech, hearing, or eyesight *Memory or ability to learn, concentration, or understand. Over the last 27 years, we have delivered activities across the entire spectrum of disability adapting many experiences such as Open Water Canoeing by rafting two together creating a safe stable platform that regardless of the disability this activity was possible however all adapted activities are heavily risk assessed as Safety is the first and foremost in our priorities. East Coast Adventure over the last 8 years has created a number of new experiences designed for children, young adults, and their families living with Autism. All our instructors have undergone Autism Awareness Training through the Southern Health Trust. Our website will highlight all experiences to our customers and will also offer alternatives to each experience where adaptation is possible to the running of that experience to attract customers and not frighten them away. Disability access to all public areas is in place from both the front and rear entrances of the building, we are delighted to offer separate private disabled toilet & showers on the ground floor and ensuite disables facilities if you are staying with us.

We are accessible to all.

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Here at East Coast Adventure, we work hard to bring you a wide range of activities for people of all levels and abilities. So all you thrill-seekers out there, find your next adventure with us!